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A recent market valuation is important when selling your vehicle registration. Please enter your details below along with a short message advising the registration(s) you wish to advertise for sale. We do not insist on listing your registration at our valuation. Our valuations are offered as a guide to assist you and they can be adjusted upon request. We will only begin advertising your registration for sale on our website when we have confirmation from you to do so. Your registration will be listed on Grand Plates website along with some or all of our other chosen advertising avenues. All registrations will be displayed in their legal format.

We kindly request a minimum of 7 days to respond to all form submissions. Response times may take longer during busy periods. If you have a list of registrations to submit, please email them to:

We may consider an outright purchase to take your registration plate into our own stock portfolio. We consider most dateless registrations however, names, words and some rare initials in suffix and prefix format are also of interest to us. We regret to inform that we cannot consider current style registrations for outright purchase. 

All email canvassing attempts made through this form will be ignored and deleted.




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