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Build your replacement number plates

Use our step by step number plate builder to create your new replacement MetaTek number plates.

We offer a number of different replacement number plate sizes, badges, fonts and borders.

Grand Plates number plates are all manufactured in the UK. They are made using an aluminium base panel finished with film. The materials used are 95% recyclable which make it the most environmentally friendly product available in the UK in comparison to plastic rivals. MetaTek plates are stronger, lighter and more durable than any other plates available.

1 - Registration

2 - Select Plate Sizes

Note: Only options with '***' can have badges applied.

3 - Select Plate Style

Note: 4D plates can only be made plain with no badges or flags.

4 - Plate Border
5 - Plate Badge

Preview Plates

Please note that this preview is a mockup of how your plate will look, it is not a fully accurate depiction. An example photo of one of our plates can be seen here.

Grandplates Ltd - KA17 0EZ

Front Plate

Grandplates Ltd - KA17 0EZ

Rear Plate

Grand plates

Create your own reg plate

Search over 50 million vehicle registration plates currently available to purchase at Grand Plates. We handle all registration assignments upon request and supply a set of acrylic plates if required.