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Whether you are buying a registration for yourself or making a purchase for a loved one, our FAQ's may provide the answers you are looking for.

Send us an email If you are unable to find an answer to your query and we will respond promptly.


We would be pleased to handle the entire process on your behalf. Whether purchasing online or over the phone, you will have the option upon checkout to select our DONE-FOR-YOU service for £25.

In most cases we would expect to have assignments complete within 5 working days. Same day assignment is possible with some registrations. Although rare, some vehicles can cause delays due to various licensing issues. Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure your new registration is assigned to your vehicle as soon as possible and alert you to any issues should they arise.

A confimation email is issued to advise a registration assignment/transfer is complete. If we are handling the transfer for you we would receive this and advise when you can fit a set of acrylic plates to your vehicle. Acrylic plates should not be fitted to your vehicle until you have confirmation the registration is assigned.

The DVLA will automatically issue a replacement V5C logbook for your vehicle once your registration assignment is complete. This can take up to 28 days to arrive however, in most cases it does not take this long. It is not essential to wait on the newly issued V5C to arrive in order to put acrylic plates on the vehicle. The old V5C should be destroyed and disposed of when the new one does arrive.

Any personalised vehicle registration currently assigned to your vehicle (which you wish to keep) should be removed to a V778 retention certificate prior to assigning your new registration. There is an £80 DVLA fee applicable which must be paid in advance when removing a registration from a vehicle. The removed registration would then be retained on a V778 retention certificate. Your legal rights to retain and display the current personalised registration may be lost if this is not done.

If you have a standard DVLA government issued registration currently on your vehicle (which will effectively have no real value or importance to you) there is no requirement to remove this prior to assigning your new registration. The standard registration is likely (but not guaranteed) to be held aside by the DVLA in the event that you remove your new personalised registration from your vehicle in the future. The same standard registration is likely (but not guaranteed) to be allocated back to your vehicle.

In most cases we can supply your new reg to you on a V750/V778 certificate which will allow you to choose when to assign the registration to your vehicle. Please contact us prior to purchase to ensure the registration you wish to purchase can be supplied on a certificate.

All registrations supplied on certificates will be valid for up to 10 years. They can also be extended if required.

The short answer is No. A certificate is issued to you if you do not wish to assign the registration to your vehicle immediately. You would only receive a certificate for your registration if you were holding on to the registration to transfer it to your vehicle at a later date. Once you assign a registration from a certificate to a vehicle, that specific certificate is no longer required and should be destroyed. The registration can then be removed from the vehicle and put back on to a new certificate again if required.

A vehicle registration is either held on a vehicle or on a certificate but not on both at the same time.

Yes. Your vehicle insurance policy may become invalid should you not update it with the newly assigned registration details on the same day your registration transfer is completed.

All UK vehicle registrations have legal display regulations. The digits and spaces should not be moved from the legal format. We display all registration plates on our website in the legal format and this is the only way they should be displayed on your vehicle. We will not be held responsible if you choose to misrepresent your new reg on your vehicle. Vehicle registration misrepresentation can incur a fine of up to £1,000 in the UK and can also result in MOT failure.

There are various different types of registration plates in the UK.

Please see our REGISTRATION STYLES page for more information.

We utilise Stripe on our website and can accept all major forms of debit and credit cards online as well as over the phone if preferred.

A set of acrylic plates can be added to your order when completing checkout. We will only print and supply acrylic plates in the legal UK format.

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You can transfer most private registrations between various different types of vehicles providing the vehicles licensing is legal.

You must have or be granted the legal rights to a UK registration to be able to complete assignment and display that particular registration on your vehicle. You should not under any circumstance have acrylic plates made and fitted to your vehicle unless you have the legal right to that registration and have completed assignment to the vehicle.

It is rare but you can be asked to present the vehicle for inspection to the DVLA and as such it should always be available upon request during a transfer/assignment.

Once a registration is assigned to your vehicle it can stay there for ever or it can be removed again immediately if required. There is no time limit to this.

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