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Grand Plates is based in the West of Scotland and trades UK wide. We have developed an extensive database of over 50 million private number plates which includes our own stock, unissued government stock and client commissions. We have industry contacts throughout the UK and as long as a private registration is for sale somewhere in the UK, we will very likely be able to locate and secure it for you.

The world of vehicle registration plates can seem complicated but it does not have to be. Purchasing a private registration plate should be an exciting time whilst selling one should be rewarding and hassle free. We have designed our website to be as user friendly as possible with seamless progression from search to checkout. We continue to work hard on developing our search algorithms to make your experience even easier. We offer Stripe on our website to process payments. Stripe processes all major card payments. We are aiming to have finance options available at Grand Plates in 2022. Our privacy policy and terms and conditions pages cover all of our legal trading practices, whilst our regularly updated FAQ's along with our registration styles and information pages should cover everything even a newbie may need to know. 

We offer valuations to every customer whether advertising a private number plate for sale with Grand Plates or not. We arrive at our registration valuations by researching historic sales figures along with considering the price and quantity of similar alternatives currently available to buy on the market today. Our valuations are a guide to assist you. We do not insist on listing your private number plate for sale at our valuation. We are happy to adjust the advertised price on all registrations upon request.


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Search over 50 million vehicle registration plates currently available to purchase at Grand Plates. We handle all registration assignments upon request and supply a set of acrylic plates if required.